Online Payment

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There are several ways to pay an EMS invoice(s).  Submit payments either in person, by mail, or from the privacy of home using the convenient online payment feature. Be advised, when paying online, Official Payments (the firm handling payment transaction(s) for Fort Bend County) will add a $6.25 service fee to a one-time payment and will add a $6.25 service fee to any subsequent payment transactions using the online payment service. For example, when submitting a payment of $500.00, the transaction will reflect a total payment of $506.25 (the $500.00 payment and a $6.25 service fee).  Then, if submitting a subsequent $100.00 payment, at a later time, it will be treated as a new payment transaction and another $6.25 fee will be added to the total payment.


 * Please note:  The service fee is a separate charge and DOES NOT apply to the invoice payment.

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