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Program Guidelines

eartip cat
  • Ensuring that the cat(s) are of sufficient age and health to thrive outdoors
    • Minimum weight for the program is two (2) pounds
    • Efforts will be made to place kittens under eight (8) weeks old in a foster environment
  • Preventing or mitigating nuisances to citizens
  • If the cat(s) have an unknown intake area, it is not eligible for return
  • If the cat(s) are being returned to an area, we must have reliable information on where the cat lived and then be returned to its outdoor home only.
  • Behavior will not be factored into decision to return due to unpredictability of behavior in a trap/shelter setting
  • Cat(s) that are eligible to participate in the pilot program may be trapped by a community member and either brought to the shelter by that community member or picked-up by FBCAS
    • Humane traps are available for rental from FBCAS for a $100 check refundable when you return the trap in the same condition it was rented
    • All cats that participate in the program will be kept at the shelter for 24 hours prior to being returned to their outdoor home
  • All cat(s) that are trapped must be trapped in a humane fashion and according to protocol.
  • Community members will turn in the cat(s) to FBCAS with the express understanding that the cat(s) will be sterilized, receive a rabies vaccination, be ear-tipped and returned to its outdoor home either by the trapper or designated transporter