Trap Neuter Return (TNR) and Shelter Neuter Return (SNR)

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TNR cat


In June 2018, the Fort Bend County Commissioners Court approved changes to the Animal Control Ordinance, recognizing that the practice of trapping, neutering/spaying, vaccinating and returning un-owned, free-roaming community cats reduces unwanted litters of kittens, reduces the number of free-roaming community cats in the community and decreases the intake of cats into Fort Bend County Animal Services. 

Further, the change acknowledges the need for innovation in addressing the issues presented by free-roaming community cats and that properly managed ear-tipped cats may be part of the solution to the continuing euthanasia of cats. 

This Pilot Community Cat Program shall be operated with the specific goals of lowering the County’s animal control costs, reducing nuisance complaints by residents, alleviating health concerns related to free-roaming community cats, lessening predation of wildlife by free-roaming community cats, reducing the number of births and reducing euthanasia of community, feral, free-roaming and stray cats. 


Community Cat:  shall mean a free-roaming cat who may be cared for by one or more residents of the immediate area who is/are known or unknown; a community cat may or may not be feral.

Community Cat Caregiver: shall mean a person who, in accordance with a good faith effort to conduct Trap-Neuter-Return, provides care, which may include food, shelter, or medical care to a community cat.  However, community cat caregivers are not the owner, harborer, controller or keeper of a community cat.

Eartipping: shall mean the removal of the ¼ inch tip of a community cat’s left ear, performed while the cat is under anesthesia in compliance with any applicable federal or state law and under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Eartips are designed to identify a community cat as being sterilized and lawfully vaccinated for rabies.

Shelter-Neuter-Return: shall be the involvement of shelters in Trap-Neuter-Return programs with cats impounded in the shelters to include, sterilizing, vaccinating for rabies, eartipping, and returning community cats to their environments.    

Trap-Neuter-Return:  shall be the involvement of the community in Shelter-Neuter-Return programs with cats impounded in the shelters to include, sterilizing, vaccinating for rabies, eat-tipping, and returning community cats to the environment by community members.